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Our mission:


We believe that through art, games and creativity, young people create a critical consciousness of their reality and develop the tools to transform the political, social and economic reality of their country.

Our mission is to promote local arts and culture, comprehensive educational opportunities, child and adolescent rights and protection and the renewal of public community spaces for peace, equality, solidarity, love and the visibilization of the creative and transformative potential of organized children, teens and young people in coordination with local and national organizations.


Our vision:


We dream of a future where children, adolescents and young people are recognized for their contribution to the betterment of the social, political and economic conditions of their country, and are protagonists in its sustainable development.


We aspire to be a safe space for adolescents and youth in which they can learn about their rights and explore their capacity to become leaders in their families, schools, neighborhoods and country.


Improve the quality of life of Guatemalan adolescents and youth by promoting their leadership in local, national and regional decision making spaces as a strategy towards the construction of a culture of peace.


Strategic lines

  • Comprehensive education

  • Community outreach and advocacy

  • Art and Culture

  • Sustainability

  • Institutional strengthening


  1. Respect

  2. Initiative

  3. Solidarity

  4. Commitment

  5. Equity

Peronia Adolescente shut down the streets to bring art and joy to to their community


Ciudad Peronia is a densely populated, marginalized urban barrio on the outskirts of Guatemala City, home to over 80,000 inhabitants, over 70% of them children and youth. While the community has a vibrant tradition of youth leadership and public participation, kids that grow up in Peronia face complex social and economic pressures. The majority of the population endures severe poverty, lack of access to basic services, a beleaguered public educational and health system, as well as discrimination, violence and insecurity on daily basis. 

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