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Comprehensive Education

Peronia Adolescente's Comprehensive Education Program offers opportunities for both formal and alternative education and training, using unique pedagogical methods that generate criticial thinking in students, teachers and youth leaders in the community.

  • Academic Education; Peronia Adolescente provides scholarships, individual tutoring, and spaces for reading, writing and self-guided learning to teens who are suffering exclusion from the educational system..

  • Leadership training; A proven process rooted in popular education, creative, artistic and game-based methodologies to train teens and youth in civic engagement and organizing. Peronia Adolescente also offers a formal training process to local public school teachers in arts and games-based methodologies for critical pedagogy.


Community Engagement



Peronia Adolescente implements strategic actions that promote both the well-being and agency of children and youth the community. Through public artistic interventions, local and regional advocacy and providing educational spaces for family and community members, this program strengthens the social fabric of the Ciudad Peronia promotes the protection dn protagonism of local children and teens.The program consists of the following two components:

  • Advocacy, art and culture; this includes participation in political decision-making spaces, and working to create allies and awareness of the needs and rights of children and teens in both the local and regional context.

  • Family Nurturing Program:This program is offered to local families and implements the Nurturing Parenting Programs model, an evidence-based methodolog proven to measurably reduce child abuse and negligence.

This program seeks to strengthen the structure, policies and practices of the organization through strategic planning, training, development and communication with an eye towards sustainability, exceptional impact and financial viability.

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